Network Solutions is Offering a FREE Domain Name with a Purchase of Business Cards or Mini Business Cards from MOO.com

by Janet Goda on August 29, 2011



Good “MOOs”

Need some good news?  Network Solutions is offering a FREE one year domain name with a purchase of business cards or mini business cards from MOO.com.  If you haven’t checked out MOO business cards – you are missing out.  They are completely customizable, including the ability to have a unique photo or image on each card!  The card stock is an extremely high quality, too.  While they are called ‘business cards’ – don’t be limited by that name.  Yes, they are wonderful for your new or existing small business, but they have other uses!  For example, new grads who are networking to get a job can print them up with a quick summary of skills/degree/contact info and even a photo.  Or, you can create a ‘personal card’ when you want people to have your contact info for social settings.  My personal example is I’m the fund raiser coordinator for my sons’ baseball teams.  Everyone needs my info for the fund raiser, but they really don’t need to have my contact info from work.  So, rather than fill out my personal info on 24 forms for the parents or give them my business card from Network Solutions when I want them to email me on a personal account, I’m getting MOO cards to give them that info.  Very handy! The possibilities are limitless!

So, don’t wait.  The free domain offer won’t last long.  Visit www.moo.com today and opt in to receive your free domain with your business card purchase.

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