Online Shoppers Spent $47.5B Second Quarter of 2011 Says U.S. Commerce Department

by Shashi Bellamkonda on August 19, 2011



Seems like a whiff of good news for online merchants, at least that is what I am reading from the latest report from the US Commerce Department and also commScore.

In the QUARTERLY RETAIL E-COMMERCE SALES 2nd QUARTER 2011 the Census Bureau of the Department of Commerce announced that the estimate of U.S. retail e-commerce sales for the second quarter of 2011 — adjusted for seasonal variation, but not for price changes — was $47.5 billion, an increase of 3.0 percent (±1.2%) from the first quarter of 2011.

Commenting on the report Internet Retailer said:

The Commerce Department numbers are higher than e-retail sales and growth estimates released earlier this month from comScore Inc. The web measurement firm reported consumers spent $37.5 billion with online retailers during the second quarter, up 13.6% from $33.0 billion during the same period in 2010. ComScore draws on online purchase data from its panel of about 1 million U.S. online shoppers and excludes automobile and auction sales. Commerce Department estimates are based on a quarterly survey of more than 11,000 U.S. merchants.

Some highlights from the ComScore Q2 2011 E-Commerce Trends 

Other highlights from Q2 2011 include:

  • The top-performing online product categories were: Consumer Electronics (excl. PC peripherals), Computer Hardware, Computer Software, and Event Tickets. Each category grew at least 15 percent vs. year ago.
  • The top 25 online retailers accounted for 66.4 percent of dollars spent online, down from 67.7 percent a year ago and down from a peak of 69.9 percent in Q3 2010, as small and mid-sized retailers continue to regain lost market share.
  • The 14-percent growth in the quarter was primarily a function of an increase in the number of buyers (up 16 percent), with 70 percent of all Internet users making at least one online purchase in the quarter.
Weighing in on the US Department of Commerce Report the National Retail Federation weighed in –  “In a week of stock market volatility, retail continues to be a steadying force in the economic recovery,” said NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay. “Consumers are showing that they still have spending power, and with a renewed focus on job creation we are optimistic this recovery can still get back on track.”
What is your experience? Weigh in here and let us know what you predict for the rest of the year.
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