Twitterchat Alert Today: Coy and Decoy Marketing

by Shonali Burke on August 8, 2011



Seems like everyone’s using social media to promote themselves these days.

But how do you do it ethically? How do you do it so that you get results? How do you do it without it eating up your day?

Join regular contributor Tinu Abayomi-Paul for our August Twitter chat today, when she’ll talk about all this. Some of the questions Tinu will field are:

  • How to increase your audience quality and quantity by serving your audience
  • Why inflating numbers doesn’t work
  • Tools for tracking the results of your activities
  • What connects social media to lead generation
  • How to get more leads from social media by NOT focusing on lead generation

If you’re not familiar with Tinu (gasp!), here’s a little bit about her:

Tinu Abayomi-Paul rescues web sites from obscurity and shows business people how to generate leads and traffic from the web. Founder of Free Traffic Tips and Ask Tinu, she is widely published online as an ever effective, end-to-end website promotion specialist — on Web Pro News, Search Engine Guide, and more. Ready to engage on Twitter as @tinu, she’s known to say: “You can’t knock my hustle.”

If you have more questions for Tinu, please leave them in the comments below. And it’s easy to join our Twitter chat: just sign onto Twitter from 12-1 pm ET on Monday, August 8, and follow/use the hashtag #wgbiz to participate.

Important Twitter handles for you to follow: @tinu (Tinu), @wgbiz (our official Twitter handle) and @shonali (er, me, ‘cos I’ll be helping to moderate the chat).

See you there!

This article was originally posted on WomenGrowBuisness.com

Image via Flickr (creative commons) by chaztoo




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