Are You Ready to R.O.C.K: A Book Review of The Hidden Power Of Your Customers – Four Keys to Growing Your Business through Existing Customers

by John David on September 29, 2011



The Hidden Power Of Your Customers – Four Keys to Growing Your Business through Existing Customers by Becky Carroll is an excellent guide to gaining new customers, but more importantly it teaches the reader how to treat their current customers to gain brand loyalty.  This book is full of practical case studies with insightful tips on how current customers can help grow your business.

I’m only going to stick to the four key points throughout this book, and that can be summed up with one word:


Relevant Marketing

You can no longer just have an ad in the paper or a television commercial presenting a message that you think your current customers or potential customers want to see and hear.  Your business needs to actually listen to customers, learn from them. Then it needs to market to them through their preferred communication channels, whether it is through the traditional media channels or through social media channels – Twitter, Blogs, FaceBook, etc…

Orchestrated Customer Experience

You cannot create a customer experience that will fulfill their needs and provide support unless you adopt the point of view from of the customer’s prospective.  The first step to providing a great customer experience is to listen to your customers, find their expectations, see what your competition is doing and most importantly, focus on you customer.

Customer-Focused Culture

A customer focused culture starts from the top down. A business cannot simply have customer-facing departments only, it must be customer focusedas well.  The whole company must adopt the culture that customers are the most important priority. Commit to making it a company value to focus on customers.

Killer Customer Service

It all starts with the people in your customer service department. They have to have a passion to help people.  A customer service department cannot just be procedures and policies. The managers of these departments need to empower these individuals to better assist customers.  By empowering your representative you give them the ability to think outside the box and come up with practical solutions to real life problems of the customer without, of course, giving away the store.

These are the four simple key points that will have a big impact on helping your business grow. As I have pointed out in the past, it is important for technology customers to have access to information at their fingertips.  Knowledge is key. Empowering employees to go above and beyond to provide the best customer experience can go a long way.

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