Have You Registered Your .ORG Domain Name?

by Sangeetha Narasimhan on September 26, 2011



Why you should get a .ORG domain name? Because .ORG is the domain of choice for companies, organizations, and individuals – all of whom would like to mobilize their communities, achieve a common goal, or pursue a shared cause.  What’s more is that .ORG conveys trust!

For the past 25 years, .ORG is one of the fastest growing top level domains with over 9 million domains that have helped reshape the online world by advancing knowledge, creating opportunities, and most importantly, building communities. Total domains under management for .ORG went past the 9 million mark in March 2011 and is well under way to reaching a huge milestone – 10 million domains – in the coming months.

A recent study, commissioned by PIR, revealed that Internet users value traditional websites more than social media for Corporate or Organizational information. The study indicated that 81 percent of web surfers still chose an organization or company’s website – over Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn – as the most trustworthy place to find information. During a time of crisis, 39 percent of Americans turn to .ORG for information, which, according to the survey, was higher than any other domain extension.  The study also revealed that Americans turn to the .ORG domain most in times of crisis and calm.

Are you passionate about your company or cause?  What are you waiting for? Go get your .ORG today!

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