Have You Tried a Community Chat on Facebook?

by Lisa Byrne on September 12, 2011



In an attempt to try something a little different, last Thursday we hosted our first Facebook chat encouraging the community to post questions as individual wall posts beginning at 9:00 AM, and expect them to be addressed — or post and join in live — between 12:00 and 1:00 PM that same day.

Titled Lunchtime Q&A with Small Experts on Facebook, we invited Ramon Ray to host the first chat getting it off to a great start. We had 26 community members contribute to the conversation, some early and some engaging live during the ‘power hour’.

We are all familiar with Tweetchats but how many Facebook chats have you participated in? I did some research and didn’t find anyone doing it but felt we should give it a try, and I’m glad we did. Here are some unique advantages I found over using Twitter for chats:

  • Attendees must Like your page to participate, but no one has to follow the Twitter moderator.
  • Users have the option to participate signed in as their Facebook page and thus possibly drive Likes to their own page if their contribution is engaging. This can result in followers on Twitter too but many find Facebook Likes more challenging to gather and more valuable — it depends on your goals.
  • The Facebook page host has the ability to eliminate spam comments immediately by deleting and banning said users. On Twitter it would require action on behalf of each participant to block a user who is using the same chat hashtag to dilute the conversation with spam.
  • Participants have the ability to choose to engage in chat one-on-one with the Facebook host or to read all the wall posts and comments and jump in on other Q&A posts. Conversations in Tweetchats often move fast and many of the conversation is lost in the timeline.
Did you participate or have you tried this on your Facebook page? What do you prefer?

Some great questions and conversations included:

Angela Brown: Hi Ramon, a lot of people I know (present company included) have all but given up on Google+, but some thought leaders are arguing that business pages and its influence on search continue to make it a potentially major player in social media and content marketing. What are your thoughts on the potential impact of Google+ on small businesses? Should they even bother? Check the reply here.

Rita Lacey: Hi Ramon ~ What’s the best way to build a ‘brand’ for your product/business at the least cost? Check the reply here.

Ismail Shisir: What are the future aspect of Social Media for the online entrepreneurs? Check the reply here.


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