7 Blogging Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

by Monika Jansen on October 25, 2011



Blogging  has now been around long enough that there are numerous experts to learn from – and thus avoid making the same mistakes they have already made.  Over the summer, Social Media Examiner ran a great post on blogging mistakes.

Here are 7 blogging mistakes that I consider most critical – and how to avoid them:


1. Generic premise and topic

If you don’t have a strong niche, you aren’t really talking to anyone.  Pick a subject you know a lot about – only then will your posts be valuable and full of useful information for your readers. If you try to be everything to everybody, you are guaranteed to lose your focus.

2. Infrequent posting

Whether it’s the quality or the frequency of your posts, inconsistency makes you just as likely to gain readers as you are to lose them. A good blog has a schedule and format that are reliable – set it up on your terms, and stick to it.

3. Quantity over quality

As long as your posts are well thought out, engaging, and interesting, your readers will value the quality of the posts you publish, whether you publish once a day or once a week.

4. Making it all about you

Other than your mom thinking so, chances are that you aren’t the most interesting person to walk the planet.  Don’t write about your company and/or experiences all the time.  Write about your industry, customers, vendors, trends, etc.  Mix it up to keep it interesting.

5. Adding to the white noise

There are a lot of smart bloggers out there – don’t regurgitate what everyone else is already saying.  Pick a topic, analyze it, and share your insights with your readers.

6. Ignoring your readers

If you don’t engage with your readers, your blog will suffer. The comments section is there for a reason –to have a conversation with your readers.  Everyone likes to share their opinion, so be sure to respond to people.  Besides, no comments makes your blog look extremely lonely, as if no one is reading it.  That’s a surefire way to scare off potential readers.

7. Ignoring SEO

Sacrificing keyword-rich titles for cleverness is a great way to lose out on showing up in search engines for that topic. Use keywords on your site and in post titles to ensure that your blog (or blog post) pops up as a resource.


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    • http://twitter.com/RobFerrara Rob Ferrara

      At one time or another, I have made them all. Number 6 was due to
      Hurricane Katrina so I’ll take a mulligan on that one. I find the whole
      thing a little ridiculous. If a blog has a stated purpose, I suppose
      you can try to grade it. Good luck with that. Most blogs are still
      personal and have no objective stated purpose. A blogger posts
      something that’s on his or her mind. People comment or not. How do you
      grade a conversation?

    • http://iblog4dollars.com/l Dennis Marshall

      I wrote a similar post and I think our number 6′s are the same. I wasn’t paying attention to my readers. Instead, I was focused on making money online.. Cant make any money if you aren’t connecting with your readers. 

      Great article