Customer Satisfaction is Our Top Priority as Network Solutions and Web.com Come Together

by Shashi Bellamkonda on October 31, 2011


This morning, I sat with colleagues in a meeting with David L. Brown, the CEO of Web.com.  As you know, Web.com’s acquisition of Network Solutions was completed last week.   David and other executives, including my new boss, Roseann Duran, Chief People Officer, are in the Herndon office meeting with employees and fielding questions.

David started our meeting with a brief history of Web.com.  Did you know the acquisition of Network Solutions is the 11th for David and the Web.com team?  Here’s a timeline of the major acquisitions.

 David also told us of his rationale for starting Web.com.  He wanted to create a company  that would allow small businesses to grow by harnessing the power of the Internet.  He said that small businesses need a lot of help, especially with online tools and the changing landscape of online commerce.  David speaks from experience, as his wife is a small business owner and he sees first-hand how small businesses need online tools to grow.

David plans to stay committed to operating the NetworkSolutions.com and Register.com brands, especially for the established customer bases for each of those brands.  One of the benefits of the Network Solutions acquisition is gaining the scale to invest in additional marketing, and we anticipate using those greater resources to brand Web.com as the end-to-end online solution provider for small- and medium-sized businesses.  David also noted that the combined company will provide more value to the customers by using the best products that the combined entities offer.   Indeed, David made clear that satisfaction of customers is the top priority for the Company.  He stated that, “We don’t do business for our purposes, we do it for our customer’s purposes.”

Go checkout Web.com for more information about this exciting new era of more power to small- and medium-sized businesses!

Photo: Roseann Duran, Chief People Officer, David L. Brown, the CEO of Web.com and Shashi Bellamkonda, Director, Social Media.

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