Future of Marketing Panel at Potomac Tech Wire #mfuture Discusses New Marketing Trends

by Shashi Bellamkonda on October 12, 2011


Future of Marketing Panel - Potomac Tech Wire
Photo: Paul Duning – Publisher/Co-Founder at Capitol Communicator and Sean Follin

Today I attended the Future of Marketing Panel at Potomac Tech Wire as a guest of Bob London an expert in direction and execution for companies with critical marketing and communications needs and founder of London Ink. Along with Bob London on the panel were Matt GoddardCEO, R2integrated, Eric LudwigSenior Director of Online Marketing, Rosetta Stone, Erin (Mack) McKelveySVP of Marketing, Milennial Media and Simon OwensDirector of PR, JESS3. The panel was Moderated by Paul Sherman co-founder of Potomac Tech Wire.

My top takeaways were:

1) Think about mobile and depending on what your business is you may need a mobile website vs an app. Marriott was mentioned as a great example of using mobile to serve customers on the go i.e. travelers who use the mobile phone a lot.

2) Change the mix of marketing tools and platforms that you currently use and you may find social network engagement a good way to ” create energy” for your brand and customers.

3) Don’t over brand your content. Your audience will engage more when they consider your content useful rather than a ploy to get their brand in front of you.

4) “Always keep in mind the  importance of measurability in #b2b marketing, using marketing automation to track top of funnel.”

5) Consider the whole potential of using the new conversation tools for customer service and real time responses.

I heard a few new terms – “ social decision makers”  who will use their networks to find the information they need on companies and make the decision based on the information they find and not necessarily what the company tells them – from  Matt GoddardCEO, R2integrated.

“Elevator rant” from Bob London of  of London Ink  (pain point solving) before the “elevator pitch” for campaign. Bob London also gave a statistic that a one point increase in a Yelp rating could lead to a 4-5% increase in revenue (see article http://b.shashi.co/ozF36B). Of course Bob’s “”The fastest way to kill a mediocre product is with an awesome promotional campaign” Product comes before Marketing ” got a lot of attention on Twitter.

Here is some content that I curated from this panel. Would love to hear if this was useful to you.

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