How Online Tools Helped a Family Farm Get New Business

by Lisa Byrne on October 26, 2011



In a post titled “How Online Tools Helped a Family Farm Get New Business” Shashi Bellamkonda shares his experience in using such tools to plan a family trip to  Crumland Farms in Frederick, Maryland. Shashi writes:

“How can online tools help your small business get new customers? I experienced a real-life case study of this principle recently. Together with a few of our friends and family, my family went to Crumland Farms in Frederick, Maryland, recently and had a great experience and perfect weather. We used a combination of online tools to make the decision to visit Crumland Farms even though it was farther away than another nearby farm.”

Check out the original post on Small Business Trends to learn what online tools Shashi used and what you might want to consider for your own small business.

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