Digital Capital Week Wraps Up in DC

by Lisa Byrne on November 14, 2011



What began just one year ago has become an instant success in our nation’s capital. DCWEEK–co-produced by iStrategyLabs and Tech Cocktail–brings together top innovators, entrepreneurs, and tech enthusiasts from Washington, D.C. and beyond. From November 4-11, 2011 events were hosted around the city at multiple locations including a full-day conference at Artisphere, opening event at 9:30 Club, closing event at Arena Stage, and a Tech Cocktail event at the Key Bridge Marriott — and then some! Check out what you missed from their full schedule here.

On Thursday I attended the full-day conference and was particularly impressed by a presentation led by David Shing, self-described as a “creative thinker, creative planner, creative designer, creative marketer, creative professional, creative musician, creative chef, creative brother” and AOL’s Digital Prophet. In a presentation titled “Future Media Trends“, David not only enlightened the audience with his insight and knowledge, but proved to be an engaging entertainer lighting up the dark backstage room at Artisphere. To recap what I felt compelled to share at the event, here are some tweets I sent during the event:

  • Contrived in your face advertising doesn’t work, we’re too smart – @shingy
  • Ppl only go to 30 websites each month – @shingy
  • Sales and marketing went from funnel to conversation bubble – @shingy
  • Attention is the new currency. Once you have attention in a space you can build brands in it – @shingy
  • 9.5 million ppl are on Instagram, 5 ppl work for them – @shingy
  • Defriending and unfollowing will be the next trend – @shingy
  • If you have a brand ppl love allow them to participate  - @shingy
  • Mobile augmented reality is also a reality in advertising – @shingy
  • Invisible digital ink is coming out, eliminating the need for ugly QR codes – @shingy
  • Social is primetime in offline – @shingy
  • Like and follow are being completely diluted. We’re not listening anymore – @shingy
  • Consumers are now editors, we’ve gone from push to pull – @shingy
  • Enable the crowd to create, participate and ultimately control,your product – @shingy
  • 90% of ppl want to know what brands are doing in cause marketing as our economy still sucks – @shingy
  • More than 50% of all humans are under 30, they’ve never known life without the web – @shingy
  • What’s next? Back of ads, conversations not campaigns, conversations not chatter – @shingy
  • Loves: curation culture – @shingy
  • Before, now and next. You know me, where I go what I like – so tell me where to go next. Someone needs to do “next” – @shingy
  • We still not doing enough co-creation – @shingy
  • Loves: Evernote, pinterest, voyurl, aol editions, social mentions, buzzfeed, tumblr, anyRSS – @shingy
Photo Courtesy of Facebook.com/Whitmoyer
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