How To Master Facebook Marketing, Part 2

by Monika Jansen on November 21, 2011



HubSpot recently published an ebook that covers everything you ever wanted to know about Facebook marketing. Because there is so much information in there, I have decided to break this into 2 posts.

In my first post I covered promoting your Facebook page and Facebook ads. Here is everything you need to know about EdgeRank, best practices, and measuring your efforts.

Get the Edge with EdgeRank

EdgeRank is an algorithm that determines which items will be displayed to a Facebook user in his or her News Feed. In other words, this mathematical wonder is responsible for whether or not your content shows up where Facebook users are most likely to see it.

To increase your content’s chance of making the cut, create your content with the goal of getting interactions. This means creating content your fans will Like, share, comment on, tag, etc., which results in what Facebook calls an “edge.” The more interaction a piece of content gets, the more likely it will be displayed on your fans’ News Feeds, allowing their friends–who may not be your fans, yet–to see your content, too.

Tips for getting in good with EdgeRank include placing a Facebook Like button on your website and blog and posting interaction-friendly content on your Facebook Page. This content could be anything from asking questions and posting interesting articles from other websites, to creating games and contests for your fans.

Practice Best Practices

As with any marketing technique, best practices have emerged that will save you time and effort. Here are a few of my favorites from Hubspot:

  • Be interactive, fun and helpful. There’s a reason people have come to your Facebook page, so don’t disappoint them. Fans are seeking useful information, fun contests, direct engagement with their favorite brands, and more. It’s your job to give these things to them.
  • Create a connection between Facebook and the outside world. Promote your events and sales through Facebook, and add your Facebook Page link to your print collateral. Your fans live in both the online and offline worlds, so your brand should naturally exist in both, too.
  • Use Facebook to grow your email list, and vice versa. Integrate your efforts to grow these marketing tools by using your email newsletter to raise awareness of your Facebook page and encouraging your Facebook fans to sign up for your newsletter.
  • Introduce new products on Facebook first. Your Facebook fans are likely your most loyal customers and brand evangelists, so reward them by giving them information about a new product or feature before anyone else. Hopefully, they’ll reward you by promoting your information to their friends!
  • ‘Like’ other businesses’ Facebook Pages. Facebook is a community, and you need to be social to participate. By Liking the pages of vendors, customers, and business partners, you can build stronger relationships and, hopefully, gain exposure on those pages as well.

Measure Your Way to Success

As mentioned above, one of the great things about Facebook is its built-in analytics features. Key metrics on your page’s Insights section include how many new Likes your page has received and how many fans are actively engaging with your content. Watch for spikes in these numbers, and plan your content strategy accordingly. One of the metrics to pay close attention is the percent change of active users. When you fans are engaging more, you know you’re on the right track.

And, if something’s not working like you had hoped, you can quickly change course and save time and money. Under the Interactions tab of Facebook Insights, you can see how many people have unsubscribed to your page. Spikes in this number will surely have a cause, so determine it, correct it, and move on!


What other tips do you have for using Facebook to effectively market your business?

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