Make it Mobile! Not to Miss Sessions at #BWELA

by Lisa Byrne on November 3, 2011


Mobile marketing is not just a buzz phrase. It’s here to stay. And, the folks at BlogWorld LA are all about it. If a mobile website/marketing plan is still on your to-do list, head over to the LA Convention Center to help make it happen. They’ve rounded up an amazing track that will have you covered.

Growing Your Blog Audience Through Mobile (Without Growing Broke)Sara Santiago

Sara, president of Roll Mobile, is ready to get you on your feet and started with a mobile marketing plan for your small business. A lot of times, we hear our customers worried about the costs associated with mobile marketing. Sara’s got you covered with tons of free and low-cost tips and tricks. Also, if QR codes still have you curious, she’ll demystify them and help conference goers understand when to use QR codes… and more importantly, when not to!

Hollywood in Your Pocket: 8 iPhone tools/tricks to Easily Create Awesome Blog Content- Tom Martin

Amazing blog content is right at your fingertips, and Tom’s going to give you the means to make it happen! With iPhones, we can add content to our blogs like never before, from photos to videos. You name it. He’ll show you techniques to make your blog look even more professional than before.

Will “Future-Tense” Social Networking Revolutionize Marketing?

Shiny objects are an evergreen topic in social networking. These days, with such a focus on location-based marketing, new companies like Ditto, Forecast, and RedRover have the industry buzzing. They focus not on what you’ve done, or what you’re doing right now… but your plans for the future. How will these new networks revolutionize the way we live, shop, and play?

How is your mobile marketing plan going? Get started now with our mobile eguide and we’ll see you  in LA!

Image via Flickr (creative commons) by Yutaka Tsutano

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