Women Get Busy at DCWEEK Workshop – Join Us!

by Lisa Byrne on November 2, 2011



Have you heard about Women Grow Business? We’re online blogging at womengrowbusiness.com, on Facebook at Facebook.com/wgbiz and tweeting from @wgbiz — we’re everywhere you already are and taking it offline next week! During DCWEEK our editor and community champion, Tinu, will lead a rotating digital strategy workshop for women in business and you’re invited! On November 8th we will have an intimate group (limited to 30 participants) gather to discuss –

The problem:

We need more business. The current economic climate is almost like a serial killer, and who knows whose business could die next. Over 30% of small businesses don’t even have a website. But we know we have to go online to get our customer’s attention — that’s where they are, so that’s where we have to be, with search, local, social media and mobile strategies.

The solution:

We’re told the solution is strategic planning, but here’s the rub: a strategy isn’t something you give lip service to, or a bunch of rigid plans in a binder. A strategy is a driving innovative ecosystem adopted by your company that it supposed to instinctively help you move and grow with the times.

But how do you come up with effective strategies that help you move your business forward?

We need live, fluid feedback on our ideas from peers who can see our business in ways that we can’t, and a few people with the experience to lead us forward from there.

Along with our sponsor Georgetown University SCS Technology Management Program, we’ll be having a Rotating Digital Strategy Workshop. Through peer leadership we’ll:

  • Connect the products and services you offer to the conversation your prospects are already having online, in ways that add value rather than intrude
  • Strategize ways to enter that conversation through both connection and content
  • Brainstorming specific pieces and types of content to create in order to reach the audience we want to serve

Hors d’oeuvres, tea, coffee and soda will be provided, we’ll see you then!

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