Meet a Young Entrepreneur: Pivot Point Communications

by Lisa Byrne on December 1, 2011



Vanessa French is a seasoned communications strategist and implementer with expertise in branding, media relations, new media, marketing communications, planning, and promotions. Casey Kincheloe is a designer and creative strategist with expertise in branding, print, web design, and packaging. Together they founded Pivot Point Communications in 2009 and haven’t looked back since!

Share with us why you started this company/venture – your inspiration or passion? 

Vanessa: We are both inspired by creativity not just in design but in the use of innovative tools and tactics to promote a message, brand or organization. As independent consultants we individually were receiving numerous requests from clients to assist them with their social media needs. For Casey it was for design and for myself it was for messaging — we realized that by combining our efforts jointly we could create a package of services that we could offer our clients. From there we approached social media. And that’s how we formed Pivot Point Communications in 2009.  Being a boutique firm we realize that we are only as good as our last project or campaign. This is a big motivator to make every new effort better than the last.

What’s been your greatest struggle? 

Vanessa: Our biggest struggle has been maintaining a work life balance.  As small business owners we often have to wear many hats and work many hours — leaving little time for socializing.  Another concern is burn out that ironically we don’t have time for. So realizing that, we have over the past few months made a concerted effort to schedule activities such as a date night with a spouse, yoga and time with friends.  By doing this we have ensured that they will actually take place.

What was your greatest triumph or achievement to date?

Vanessa: One achievement was winning, a large for us at the time, transit project that was later featured in the Washington Post as being a success.

Did you have a mentor or another company/brand that inspired you?

Vanessa: We are often inspired by nonprofits because they have limited budgets and resources often requiring them to implement creative tactics for their PR and marketing efforts. Beth Kanter, in particular, is someone who stands out and her blog is a must read.

If you could offer one piece of advice to other budding entrepreneurs…

Always have room for improvement but make sure you celebrate your successes — even the small ones!

Connect with Pivot Point via Facebook, on their website, and follow their founders @VanessaFrench and @CaseyKincheloe on Twitter

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