We thoroughly enjoyed a fast and furious hour of typing with Anita Campbell (@smallbiztrends) of renowned small business blog, Small Business Trends, for our Facebook wall for a Q and A yesterday. She imparted many tips as she answered tons of insightful questions posed by our Facebook fans, you!

This was a great way for us to kick start our “12 Ways to Makeover Your Small Business in 2012″ video series. Have you been following it? Check out all of our videos so far, when you get a chance!

Anita Campbell, co-author of Visual Marketing

Anita shared tips with small business owners for better marketing, productivity and  innovation. She also helped them prioritize their online and social presences. In addition, we gave away copies of her new book, Visual Marketing, to three lucky attendees who asked engaging questions.

Check out some of Anita’s top tips, below.

On video marketing:

“I also usually recommend videos where the business explains how to use a product or how to use your website. Educational videos are excellent marketing opportunities. I’m reminded of a dentist who did a video explaining the painless Novocaine injection. Just step into your customers’ shoes and step outside the box.”

On keeping your business identity consistent online:

“I think it is extremely important to have your domain name the same as your business name whenever possible. A lot of people will input a domain name directly into the browser bar. If you have a domain that does not match your business name, and someone else has the domain for your business name, trust me — you will lose traffic due to visitor confusion. I had it happen to me. It took me 7 years to finally get the domain name “SmallBusinessTrends.com” for my business, Small Business Trends. In the meantime, I lost a lot of traffic and many links (people were always linking to the wrong domain).”

On prioritizing social media:

“Pick at most two social media sites and vow to become proficient in them. Don’t try to cover too many. In a highly visual business, Facebook is great. Be sure to load lots of pictures — images of your work, etc. Create a funny or intriguing image just for sharing on social media, too. That will get people talking and sharing.”

To see more from Anita, check out the whole chat on our Facebook wall.

You can also visit her at Small Business Trends and on the Small
Business Trends Facebook Page

Thanks again for joining us, Anita!

Photo courtesy of Anita Campbell

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