5 Things You Can Learn from Social Media Superstars

by Monika Jansen on January 10, 2012


Social Media Superstars

What are the qualities that consistently turn marketers into social media superstars?

When we look at successful social media marketers like Mari Smith—co-author of Facebook Marketing: An Hour a Day, a highly sought after speaker, and a great person to learn from—we find 5 traits that are common to her and other superstars . . . traits that you can apply to your own social media marketing efforts.

1. Be humble 

When entering the social media space, leave your ego at the door. Now is the time to let your guard down and join the conversation. Sure, you may be a social media superstar, but if growing a vibrant community is your goal, you should be open to sharing with and learning from others. You know how the most interesting people at cocktail parties are often those who are truly interested in what others have to say? The same quality applies to social media.

2. Be inclusive

Participate in social media noncompetitively by treating others as equals, recommending peers, and commenting on others’ content. This trait relates to the previous one. Social media isn’t a place to broadcast your newest product or brag about how great your company is. It’s a place to join others in conversation . . . and to start some yourself. Approach it as a place to make friends and connect with industry peers.

3. Be knowledgeable

Focus on sharing information in your niche industry by answering questions and providing content that will help others in your network. When you offer valuable content that helps people improve their business and lives, they’ll want to follow you and share your content with their own networks.

4. Be consistent

Put social media engagement on your schedule. Regularly produce content that’s consistent with your brand across all platforms. Spotty engagement may come across as insincere. Even when you’re really busy, try not to ignore your network!

5. Be a leader

Don’t hang around in the background on social networks. One of your goals should be to lead your community in knowledge and conversation. This means being proactive as you look for new content to share and initiate conversations with people on social media. When you think about it, it makes sense: People are following you on Twitter, so it’s up to you to lead them!


These are just a few of the character traits that turn regular marketers into social media superstars. What other qualities would you add to this list?

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    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1679719931 Mona L. Grelck

      These are very useful ideas we can apply to our clients.

    • http://www.callboxinc.com/ Cathybishop

      Thanks for these tips Monika, we’ve always thought that what it takes to be social media superstars will be too overwhelming and difficult. But thanks for your tips again, it tells us that nothing is impossible and remind us that you have to start somewhere.