Social Media Success Stories

Whether you’re ready to launch a social media campaign, secure more financial capital, or expand your sales team, you’ll find expert advice that can help you move the needle on your business. And if you’d like to share your success stories and strategies with other small business owners, we’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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1. Blog Success Case Study: Ana White Homemaker
Heard of the carpenter, homemaker, mom, and blogger extraordinaire? Monika Jansen shares the scoop on this community-building powerhouse.

2. Mobile Marketing’s Hottest Audience
Have you considered the mobile mom factor? If not, you’ll want to check out Rieva Lesonsky’s review on the purchasing activities of smartphone and tablet users.

3. Need Just a Little Business Financing?
Looking to raise some capital now? Maria Valdez Haubrich shares creative ways that can help.

4. Social Media Small Business Success Stories: Part 2
Want the competitive edge when it comes to social media marketing? In part 2 of her series, Monika Jansen highlights four companies that are stirring it up online to achieve success.

5. Need a Salesperson? Consider a Manufacturers’ Rep
Hiring a salesperson to help grow your business? Rieva Lesonsky shares some tips and next steps.

Enjoy the reading and strategizing . . . and have a happy weekend!

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