Celebrate the Big Game with a Domain Transfer Offer from Network Solutions

by Shashi Bellamkonda on February 5, 2012


Domain Transfer Offer from Network Solutions

We have a special $9.99/year transfer-in offer for folks who want to transfer their domain name registration to Network Solutions. To take advantage of this offer—which expires February 29—follow these steps:

1. Go to the Network Solutions transfer-in page to start the process.

2. At the end of the process, enter coupon code NETSOL2DAY to avail the offer (Terms and Conditions apply).

If you are transferring your domain names from GoDaddy, you may find the following post on Lifehacker.com useful: How to Jump Ship from GoDaddy to a Better Web Host and Registrar.

If you are a power user and have more than 50 domain names to transfer, please send your contact information to our VIP Team, and they’ll reach out to you to assist. You can also try our SRSplus domain portal, which is good for folks who want a good price and want to register a lot of domains.

Want to check out more offers? Follow our Twitter feed at @NSOffers.

Enjoy the Big Game!

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