Why Your Business Must Stay Up-to-Date: Interview with Shashi Bellamkonda

by Sara Toole on February 20, 2012


Deborah Shane, a leading branding expert and media host, sat down with Shashi Bellamkonda last week to discuss the latest technology trends for small businesses on BlogTalkRadio. Shashi and Deborah discussed best practices for websites, Facebook and more in this informative interview.

One of the topics that they included was the need to utilize technology effectively, and not just for the sake of having the latest technology. For example, does it make sense for your business to invest in an iPad? If it will serve to increase your sales, or improve your efficiency, then it’s a good thing. But if you get one and only use it to play ‘Words With Friends’, then it’s probably not a great addition to your business.

Another topic that was raised was the absolute importance for small businesses to have a Website, and the need to keep it updated and fresh. Just because you have a website does not mean you should check it off your list and forget about it. You need to make sure that you keep up with current design trends — just like in the offline world, looking dated and ‘old’ can impact your business in a negative way.

Lastly — Shashi and Deborah talked about the trend of social media and how small businesses can utilize this for greater success.

Tune into this informative interview to learn what you need to be doing for your business: listen to Deborah and Shashi now.

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