Web.com and the NASDAQ Closing Bell Ceremony

Is that the NASDAQ Closing Bell you hear? It was earlier this week when Web.com Chairman and CEO David Brown and the executive management team joined the ceremony in the NASDAQ MarketSite studio. So in this week’s 5 on Friday, we’re featuring recent Web.com achievements, along with expert advice on how mobile, social, and B2B content can help SMBs achieve success online.

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1. Web.com Rings the NASDAQ Closing Bell: A Small Business Grows Up
There was a lot of buzz in Times Square on Tuesday as Web.com rang the NASDAQ Closing Bell. Get the scoop on the company’s history in Anita Campbell’s article . . . and get an even closer look at the NASDAQ ceremony via these photos and video.

2. Network Solutions’ Huge Impact on Web.com
In TheStreet.com’s video interview with David Brown, he talks about how mobile and social are critical for small business success online, especially for SMBs that are targeting local customers. David also highlights the game-changing impact of the Network Solutions acquisition and the positive growth trends for Web.com in 2012.

3. How Consumers Use Mobile Devices During the Purchase Process
How should businesses target mobile users? Rieva Lesonsky highlights some of the takeaways from a recent research study: have a mobile-optimized website, offer click-to-call options, and create a seamless experience between online and in-store services.

4. 4 Social Media Myths Debunked
Know any social media myths you’d like to see debunked? Check out Monika Jansen’s review of four myths from Dan Zarrella’s research.

5. Using Content Marketing to Attract BtoB Customers
Are B2B buyers finding the right content about your products or services? Rieva Lesonsky shares insights from a recent research study.

Have any other myths to debunk or tips to share? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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