#smallbizsummit : Beyond the Hype — What You Need to Know About the Cloud

by Shashi Bellamkonda on March 6, 2012


Beyond the Hype — What You Need to Know About the Cloud

The Small Business Technology Summit 2012 is taking place in NYC today (March 6th 2012) The first panel is talking about cloud computing and how it is applicable to the small business. The panel moderator Rhonda Abrams started off by asking the small business attendees if they were aware that they are already using the cloud if  you have webmail, web hosting and several other applications. Now it is possible to take more of your applications including your data and accounting also in the cloud so the data is accessible everywhere.

Moderator: Rhonda Abrams (USA Today columnist, small business advocate and advisor)

Panelists: Laurie McCabe (Analyst, SMB Group),
Bill Odell (Dell Cloud Business Applications),
Kathleen Q. Fable (Quinn Fable Advertising)

Here are live tweets from the panel from Storify.


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