Mastery at the 2012 Masters

by Sara Toole on April 9, 2012


While not a big sports fan, I watch a good bit of sports with my Dad and have watched the final day of the Masters with him over the past few years. I tend to find golf rather slow-paced, but the last day of a tournament is often riveting. This was certainly the case with last night’s epic playoff finish for Bubba Watson.

I started pulling for Watson early in the day. There was something about the way he carried himself . . . not overly experienced with winning, but confident . . . dressed in all-white. The crowd clearly loved him (I love how golf fans interact with the players . . . there is so much camaraderie and respect there).

Then I discovered that Watson never had a golf lesson in his life and is not your typical golf player. He just bought an iconic car from the ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ show. This is clearly a guy who is an exception in the world of golf. (No wonder I instantly liked him!)

Watson’s epic playoff shot out of the woods, from the pine straw — right onto the green — was uproarious (my Dad and I both stood up and yelled, loudly.) Then seeing the emotion that came forth after he won — hugging his caddy, shoulders heaving, then his mom . . . was one of the sweeter moments I have seen in recent sports history.

As Watson put on the green jacket — he talked about never getting that far in his dreams, and not being able to remember anything over the last 9 holes. It was all a blur. He was just in the zone.

I wondered how many people get to experience that kind of focus in their lives . . . where life itself becomes a sort of meditation beyond all thought . . . and then that meditation transforms into a livelihood or way of being. I think that is what Joseph Campbell called ‘following your bliss’.

I think that channeling your bliss, this love of what you are doing — and doing well — is really the secret to success of any kind in this world. It seems a lot of people get started in small business based upon doing something that they love — and I have tremendous respect and admiration for that.

How many of you are following your bliss? And if not, what are your current challenges? I would be interested to here from you.

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