How Are Small Businesses Using Mobile Marketing?

by Sara Toole on May 2, 2012


The latest prediction for mobile use is that more people will access the Internet using their mobile phones than their computers by 2015. Nearly 1 billion smartphones will be in use by that same year — according to the global marketing intelligence firm, the IDC.

What exactly does this mean for small businesses? It is actually very good news for businesses that choose to optimize their Web presence and online marketing for mobile users.  Present statistics show that people who use their mobile devices to search for particular goods, entertainment or services are very likely to take action.  This makes sense, as they are on-the-go and likely in need of those what those businesses have to offer, as opposed to a stationary computer user, who may be just casually surfing or researching.

Web.com recently did a survey of small businesses to find out more about their mobile marketing strategy . . . and what their plans are for the future. You can find out more about the results of this survey releasing tomorrow May 3rd 2012.

It looks to me like the opportunity here is similar to those who were early adopters of the Internet to accelerate their business.  The opportunity with mobile is really BIG.

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    • http://www.ivisionmobile.com/ Mobile Marketing

      Thanks for such a great post. I found your post to be informative and interesting!

    • http://vivamomentum.com/ Marketing Solutions

       The opportunity with mobile is really big, you are right! Unfortunately lots of small business owners are not seeing it yet. Many small businesses websites are not easy to be navigated on a mobile.

    • http://www.kpib.co.uk/pay-per-click-ppc/ PPC Management Company

      After social media marketing, mobile marketing will be the next big thing. Nowadays, almost everyone has a smartphone. And I know small business owners are mostly not early adopters but I know gradually they will see its potential.