Building Business RelationshipsWhether you’re working with customers, peers, or business partners, building strong and trusting relationships is key to your long-term success. So in this week’s 5 on Friday, our featured experts share tips on scheduling face time, listening to feedback, and personalizing your brand to help you make the connections that grow your business.

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1. How Relationship Marketing Is Important for Your Business
Are you building and nurturing relationships with customers? With tips from Mari Smith, Monika Jansen discusses how person-to-person (P2P) marketing can help you develop loyal and satisfied customers.

2. Starting a Business: Who to Trust
When you start a business, it’s important to find trustworthy people to work with. Duncan Alney shares insights about finding the right mix.

3. When Building Business Relationships, Face Time Works Best
Are face-to-face meetings part of your business-building efforts? As Rieva Lesonsky emphasizes, when you’re trying to build relationships, gain trust, or outline business agreements, meeting in person could be the key to success.

4. How Your Small Business Can Profit by Marketing to Grandparents
Do you target your products and services to baby-boomer grandparents? They’ve increased their spending on the grandkids, so you’ll want to check out the MetLife stats highlighted by Karen Axelton.

5. The Importance of LinkedIn in Your Business
Whether you’re a B2B or B2C professional, LinkedIn can help you connect with peers in your industry or groups in your community. And by sharing your expertise and making referrals, Duncan Alney notes, you become a trusted resource for future business.

Have other relationship-building tips to share? Please post the details in the comments below.

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