Want to know which marketing efforts are bringing in the most—and the least—revenue? In this week’s 5 on Friday, our 2-part series on closed-loop marketing will help to do just that. Plus, you’ll get practical tips on marketing with Google+, upselling and cross-selling effectively, and boosting sales over the Father’s Day weekend. Closed-Loop Marketing for Business Building

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1. Closed-Loop Marketing, Part 1: 4 Ways to Improve Sales
What’s a closed-loop marketing system? Get the scoop from Monika Jansen, who talks about tracking website visitors, monitoring their behavior, converting them into leads, and attributing the sales from those leads.

2. The Importance of Google+ in Your Business
How can Google+ benefit your business? Duncan Alney shares tips on promoting good content and getting found in search results.

3. How to Upsell and Cross-Sell for Better Profits
Having difficulty finding new customers? Rieva Lesonsky recommends tapping existing customers to boost your sales.

4. Closed-Loop Marketing, Part 2: How to Close the Loop and Fix a Broken One
Ready to go full circle? As Monika Jansen points out, a closed-loop approach can help you focus on the right channels, communicate more effectively with website visitors, and decrease the time it takes to convert them to customers.

5. How to Capture the Father’s Day Gift Market
Want to increase your Father’s Day sales? Rieva Lesonsky shares tips on marketing to Mom, Grandpa, and other father figures.

Feel like sharing your marketing success stories? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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    • http://www.businessfromthekitchentable.com/blog/2012/06/exposure-business-slideshare.html Dan T.

      Great resources! Definitely will go into them one by one.

    • Yanna White

      There is no doubt that social media has opened up a huge abundance of opportunities to promote business and generate more traffic. You have cited tips on generating leads using different options. Great marketing tips to consider.