The Value of .Com and .Net Domain Names For Your Business

by Sara Toole on June 7, 2012


Most everyone, by now, is familiar with the value and prestige of a good .COM domain name.   These domain names have been sold for millions of dollars and are considered the most desirable domain extensions in existence.   Because of their popularity, however, it can be very difficult to find a .COM domain name that matches your brand (hence the invention of new brands with funny names like Flickr.com).

There are many factors to consider when choosing a domain name — but the most important considerations are generally branding and search engine optimization value.   To satisfy these considerations, it is often preferable to secure a good  .NET domain name than to get a long or awkward .COM name.  After all, .NET domain names have been around for a long time and are quite memorable and known.

If you are looking purely for SEO value — then you need a domain name that is rich in keywords.   To determine the best domain name, you can go to the Google keyword tool and research the most popular keyword searches for your business.   For instance — I recently helped a relative find a domain name for a fishing charter business he is starting in Destin, Florida.   We chose a .NET domain name for the search engine optimization value — DestinCharters.net — and we chose a .COM name for his new brand, BigBuoyFishing.com.

He will use the .COM name as a redirect that points to DestinCharters.net — so he can put this name on his business cards and such, but Destin Charters garners over 5,000 searches per month in Google.   Having this keyword-rich .NET name will support his website being ranked in Google for this keyword phrase — as long as his Website provides relevant content.

Once you begin to understand the value of good domain names, you can use them to accelerate your business.  You may even want to have more than one Website that targets different demographics and offer specific services on each website.

In the end, it is very important to be found on the Internet and a good .COM and/or .NET name is a great place to start!  If you would like to start searching, visit our Network Solutions domain search page to get started!

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    • Peo

      Sorry, I don’t get your point. Would you mind to explain more abit.
      I was confusing with your .com and .net switching used of them.

      I would like to know between .net and .com of the SAME domain name, would they have the same SEO value or not? For eg, I use “abc.net” and other user use “abc.com”, when come to search engine, will abc.com come up first or both, or else?

      In fact, I want to know is SEO value determine by certain popular domain first, like .com? or regardless of any domain server name?