I’m excited for two reasons. First, this is my first official blog post. After many, many months of our team trying to get me to sit and write for the blog, I’ve finally given in. Second, the only reason I’ve given in is because I get to write about something that’s been a long time in the works . . . and that I’m very proud of: Add-A-Store!eCommerce Gift Certificate

Add-A-Store is our newest feature that helps online business owners use eCommerce functionality. The basic idea behind the new feature is to give just about any site owner the ability to turn their existing website into an online store. Wait, what?

It all comes down to this—you already have a website or perhaps a WordPress blog. You love that site, but you want to sell online. With this new feature, you can turn your site into an online store just by pasting a snippet of HTML. From there, you can manage everything in one place!

Our Add-A-Store feature is built on top of our powerful nsCommerceSpace platform, which has thousands of customers processing more than a billion dollars in transactions a year (that’s more than $2,000 every minute of every day for an entire year). But one of the biggest decisions that site owners have faced in the past has been the need to abandon or migrate their existing site to be able to use our platform.

Add-A-Store eliminates the need for that tough decision. Now, any existing site or blog can leverage our nsCommerceSpace platform: from catalog management and order management to payment processing and shipping integration.

How does this work? Site owners can set up products in their Network Solutions eCommerce solution by generating a small snippet of HTML and placing it on their existing site. As a result, site owners can create:

  • “Buy Now” buttons, which is a simple add-to-cart function.
  • “Single Product Layouts,” which reveal the price, thumbnail image, product name, short description, and add-to-cart button.
  • “Floating Shopping Carts,” which are built-in cart companions, and the first step in any online checkout process.

Both the Buy Now buttons and the Single Product Layouts are customizable, with fonts, colors, and sizes that match the current look and feel of your site. These elements can be updated at any time through your eCommerce control panel (and the related code will change dynamically, without the need to copy/paste again).eCommerce Shopping Cart Gift Certificate

When customers select one of your store products, they add it to their Floating Shopping Cart, and they can then apply coupons or begin the checkout process. To maintain the utmost security, customers will navigate through our PCI-compliant checkout process, which will collect sensitive customer data, ask pertinent checkout questions, provide the shipping options, and process the payments in real time (all based on the settings applied by the merchant). At this point, any orders, customers, or products can be managed in your eCommerce control panel.

By leveraging our new Add-A-Store feature, you’ll be getting the best of both worlds: keeping the site you love and managing your products and orders via our proven eCommerce platform. To learn more, check out the ways Add-A-Store can help you grow your business online.

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