Do your emails prompt recipients to take action? Is your marketing budget focused in the right channels? Are you tracking the benefits of your social media activities? Get tips and tactics in this week’s 5 on Friday to help you measure and engage for marketing success.Social Media Marketing Photos

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1. How to Improve Your Small Business’s Email Marketing
Want to boost your email ROI? Get tips from Rieva Lesonsky on using targeted, triggered, and tested emails.

2. How B2B Marketers Are Using Social Media
What are the top social networks used by B2B marketers? How are they benefiting from their social media activities? Find out in Monika Jansen’s review of a Social Media Examiner survey.

3. 5 Easy Ways to Use Photos in Your B2B Social Media Marketing Efforts
Need inspiration when it comes to selecting marketing photos? Monika Jansen gets those creative juices flowing.

4. 10 Thought-Provoking Statistics That Affect Your Marketing Strategy
Looking for hard-hitting statistics on social media, email, mobile, and video? Check out Monika Jansen’s review of a recent HubSpot survey.

5. How Voice-Based Marketing Automation Can Help Your Small Business
Want to measure your phone calls the same way you measure your online marketing efforts? Get some VBMA insights from Monika Jansen.

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