Social Media Case Studies for Small BusinessWant to improve your social media ROI? Want to respond appropriately to a negative review? Want to increase engagement on Twitter and Facebook? In this week’s 5 on Friday, our featured experts share tips and tactics to help you do just that. Plus, you’ll get the scoop on a competition for social marketing startups.

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1. 5 New Twitter Features – and Why They’re Important to Your Marketing Strategy
By sending you weekly email updates, Twitter helps you zero in on the top stories and tweets from your stream and from across the network. That way, you can tweak a marketing offer based on the buzz of the moment or join a conversation that’s relevant to your product offering. Get more tips from Monika Jansen.

2. How to Deal With a Negative Review on Yelp!
Can you turn a negative review into something positive? Absolutely, says Rieva Lesonsky. You can work directly with the customer to resolve the problem, and you can implement changes within your company to avoid a similar situation in the future.

3. Social Media Case Studies: How 2 Small Businesses Are Growing Thanks to Social Media
Looking for creative ways to get your business noticed? Monika Jansen recaps how Birchbox and Orabrush used videos and other social engagement to boost their success.

4. Web.com Small Business Toolkit: Expand My Brand Startup Competition (Social Media Competition)
Are you a social marketing startup that can boost brand reach and customer engagement? Maria Valdez Haubrich shares details on the EXPANDMYBRAND Startup Challenge and the related symposium on Thursday, September 27, in New York City.

5. 9 Easy Ways to Tweak Your Twitter and Facebook Strategies for Better Engagement
Do you know which times and days garner the most engagement for your posts? Monika Jansen highlights findings from a recent marketing study.

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