Want to create videos that help you build your business? Want to grow your fan base with engaging content? Want to start a blog to increase your social reach? If you’re looking for insights about those topics, this week’s 5 on Friday can help. Plus, you’ll get the scoop on our October 30 Twitter chat on Marketing Your Business with Facebook Pages.Content Marketing for Small Business Success

1. Twitter Chat: Marketing Your Business with Facebook Pages
Looking for practical tips on using your Facebook page to grow your business? Want creative ideas on keeping your page fresh and appealing for your fans? Please join us on Tuesday, October 30, at noon ET for the Twitter chat featuring guest expert Aman Devgan and moderator Shashi Bellamkonda. Register now . . . and spread the word to your friends and colleagues!

2. 5 Ways to Use 15-Second Videos For Marketing
Looking for easy-to-do ideas when it comes to making videos? Get started today with tips from Monika Jansen.

3. Case Study: 5 Tips on Using Facebook From a Social Media Expert
Are you actively posting on your company’s Facebook page? Are your Facebook posts engaging and likeable? Monika Jansen shares some lessons learned.

4. Content Marketing 101: The What, Why and How of Using Content to Generate Leads
Are you using content to build your business? Get some surefire tips from Monika Jansen.

5. 8 Blogging Tools the Pros Love
Ready to start blogging? Check out Monika Jansen’s review of 8 popular tools.

Have other social media marketing tips for our readers? Please share them in the comments below. Thanks!

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