Finding creative ways to share visual content about your brand can sometimes be a challenge. In this week’s 5 on Friday, the tips in our photo-sharing series will get you posting with ease on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. And to help you stay competitive when it comes to mobile marketing, we’ve included tips on that topic as well.Sharing Visual Content on Facebook for Your Brand

1. 10 Ideas for Visual Content on Facebook
Looking for ways to jazz up your Facebook page? You’ll get plenty of ideas in this list from Monika Jansen, like thinking seasonal, showcasing your products, or using an infographic.

2. What Your Small Business’s Mobile Website Must Have
Is your website mobile friendly? Is it helping to convert your site visitors? Find out what consumers are looking for in Rieva Lesonsky’s review of a recent study.

3. 8 Ideas for Visual Content on Pinterest
If you’re stumped about getting started with Pinterest, check out these tips from Monika Jansen. From bulldogs and brides to vacuum cleaners and couches, it’s time to get pinning!

4. Your BtoB Customers Are Going Mobile—Don’t Get Left Behind
With a growing number of business owners using mobile devices for everyday tasks, it’s important to find ways to reach them effectively. In her review of a recent study, Rieva Lesonsky shares insights to help you stay competitive.

5. 5 Visual Content Ideas for Instagram
Want to photograph your brand in new and creative ways? Monika Jansen shares Instagram inspiration for logos, events, and products.

Have other photo-sharing ideas for our readers? Have a mobile success story you’d like to pass along? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

Facebook cover image courtesy of coverjunction.com.

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    • http://www.webdesign.org/ Vince Wicks

      Thanks for the great round-up. I really liked the idea to ask an artist to render your products or services with the help of his or her creativity.

      As for mobile sites you don’t really need them because you can use responsive design options now.

    • http://www.sdwebworks.com/san_diego_web_designer_blog San Diego Web Designer

      It’s an urge to find imaginative ways to share visual content about a brand. These series on photo-sharing tips can help you become ready for action. These days’ instagram is becoming popular for sharing a brand’s visual content. I love Monika Jansen’s inspiration for logos, events, and products on instagram. With this inspiration I can be able to present my product competitively.

    • http://www.qhint.com/ Online RSA

      Nice list you have shared there. I’m much more interested now on creating my Pinterest account – I’m really stumped about getting started with Pinterest.

    • http://www.incion.com/ professional web design

      Social media is becoming increasingly oriented towards images. The
      success of Pinterest, Instagram, SlideShare, and Tumblr can be directly
      attributed to this fact. Facebook’s Timeline was clearly designed to
      serve as an image delivery vehicle. And when we peruse it, we fulfill
      the expectations of its designers. We instinctively gravitate towards
      images of our acquaintances’ weddings, pets and food and disregard
      anything that looks like it could require a substantial commitment of
      our time.