Is your nsCommerceSpace store ready for the final surge of holiday shoppers?

Because it’s not too late to fine-tune your online store, we’re highlighting features that can help you generate leads and increase product sales during the busy holiday season. From mobile marketing to product recommendations, your eCommerce store includes the following features that can help you boost your success online:
eCommerce Small Business Owners

  1. Activate Your Mobile Store
  2. A mobile version of your online store is now available for all of our nsCommerceSpace packages. Be sure to activate it today . . . and take advantage of the estimated 40% of holiday shoppers who will use their smartphones this season.* Learn how to activate your mobile store.

  3. Get Listed in the MonsterMarketplace
  4. Drive qualified traffic to your site from our MonsterMarketplace comparison shopping engine. Simply fill out your store information, and your online store will automatically submit your product info for you. Best of all, it’s 100% free! Submit your store listing in the MonsterMarketplace.

  5. Set Up Product Recommendations for Your Customers
  6. Increase your average order size by recommending products to your customers with the Recommended Products feature. Your store will suggest a product based on recent products that customers have added to their carts. Learn how to activate product recommendations.

  7. Configure Your Mailing Lists
  8. Your store’s mailing list feature will help you keep track of your customers’ email addresses. Having a mailing list allows you to provide updates as you fulfill customers’ orders. Plus, you’ll be able to run email marketing campaigns throughout the year.

  9. Show the “Last Day to Order”
  10. As the holidays come to a close, clearly communicate the last day that customers can buy and still have their order arrive in time for holiday celebrations. Last-minute shoppers will be more likely to buy when they know that their order will arrive when they need it.

Have a question? Want to set up an online store for your business? Just give our team a call at (800) 699-3243.

We wish you a successful holiday selling season . . . and a prosperous 2013.

The nsCommerceSpace Team

*Source: mShopper survey of 18- to 34-year-olds.

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      People are getting busy buying some gifts and foods to prepare in Christmas day.Good thing that we can order products through online.The tips given above will help our online marketers boost their success this season.

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