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Blogging for Business

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Blogs, short for web logs, are sort of a diary (or soapbox) online – and are among the hottest features on the web these days. So hot that many businesses of every size are getting into blogging and finding it an important part of their website promotion program.

Should you create a blog? Let’s take a look:

  • It's easy: A variety of blog services are available on the web, offering easy-to-use software. Bloggers simply add a link to their blog from their business website.
  • It's fast: The most effective business blogs are updated regularly, often daily, giving the business the chance to respond immediately to timely matters, or announce unexpected developments while a more formal adjustment is made to its official business website.
  • It's also time-consuming: Regular blog updates means you – or someone on your staff – will need to write the blog on a regular and even daily basis. This need not be time-consuming, but it does consume time.
  • It's public: Which means the public can respond: most blogsites offer comment boxes. You’ll want to monitor those comments to make sure you’re not receiving consistently negative or inappropriate comments – and respond quickly if you are!
  • A blog gives your business an informal voice: Many businesses have found that adding a blog link to their business website gives them an opportunity to make announcements, offer comments, and respond to questions in a public way. But a blog entry is often seen as a much more personal communication than a web page.
  • You'll need a blog policy: Because blogs are so easy to use, they get used. If your blog is going to be open to your employees, make sure they understand your policies regarding what will be tolerated in your business blog. As some businesses have found out too late, inappropriate blog postings can undo the most carefully crafted web site promotion programs, and even harm the business.

Should you create a blog for your business? Only you can answer that – but you might want to look at some blogs in your industry (perhaps your competitors are already blogging) to see if blogging suits your needs and your business's.