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Building A Website

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You've registered a domain and purchased Web hosting space to go with it. What do you do next?

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File Sharing Capabilities for Your Website Package

Category: Design Your Website, Using Website Add-ons

With so many features to consider when choosing a website package for your small business, don't forget file sharing capabilities. This increasingly necessary feature is a great example of how a small aspect of your website package can have a big impact on the way you do business.

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7 Reasons to Create a Blog for Your Business

Category: Design Your Website, Using Website Add-ons

Business blogging offers many opportunities to connect with consumers and colleagues. With millions of blogs now online, it's important to understand their potential uses before you create a blog for your business.

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6 Steps for Small Business Websites

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Small businesses face unique challenges, especially in today’s turbulent economic environment. If you worry about your business’s ability to compete in the months or years ahead, consider taking six steps towards succeeding online.

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