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Building an Ecommerce Website

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PROBLEM: You want to sell products online, but you don't know how.

SOLUTION: Get an ecommerce website!

The vast worldwide marketplace of the Web is a huge opportunity to put your product or service in front of millions of people. So how can an online business provide customers with a fast, safe shopping experience?

Ecommerce is more than just buying and selling. It's the ability to accept payments, manage inventory, and create the actual shopping environment your customers will use. A Web services company with ecommerce expertise will help you set-up your site. Unlike an online auction site like eBay, an ecommerce website means customers pay the price you set. It also means you can easily change pricing and offer promotions and discounts.

Let's use the imaginary company Bensel's Pencils to see how it works.

Bensel's sells over 200 different types of pencils, pens, and desk accessories. People will be more likely to buy them if they can shop in a simple, easy-to-navigate, online store and pay conveniently using a credit card.

An ecommerce-equipped website allows Bensel's to do several things.

They can organize and display photos and descriptions of the pencils they have for sale using preexisting templates or by creating their own custom look for the site.

They can manage inventory because their records will be updated every time someone makes a purchase.

They can feature new products as soon as they become available through a simple update of their website.

They can accept secure payments instantly, using either credit cards or a Web-specific type of payment like PayPal™ or Google™ Checkout.

They can also keep ongoing accounts, so their customers don't have to re-enter shipping and payment information with every purchase. Since all sensitive information is stored and transferred using secure methods, Bensel's customer information is safe.

The only thing left to do is select a shipping company to send out all the new pencils they'll be selling.

Let's review. websites with ecommerce can display goods or services for sale and accept payment for them. They provide customers with a safe and convenient shopping environment. And they help businesses maintain more control over their sales and inventory.

Problem solved.