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File Sharing Capabilities for Your Website Package

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With so many features to consider when choosing a website package for your small business, it may be easy to overlook the importance of having file sharing capabilities. However, this increasingly necessary feature is a great example of how a small aspect of your website package can have a big impact on the way you do business.


As the idea of the workplace continues to evolve, file sharing gives small businesses considerable advantages as they strive to remain competitive. By looking beyond the traditional methods of sharing information and choosing a website package with file sharing services, business owners can expect to improve communication with employees and customers alike.


File sharing gives business owners a secure online environment to share and manage their content by:


  • Creating online workspaces – When you create online workspaces for individual clients, you can give them the specialized attention that fosters customer satisfaction. Use it to share news, information and important dates that are relevant to their business.


  • Sharing files, photos and documents – Sharing content by sending a simple link or setting up a shared folder can boost employee workflow and improve customer communication.


  • Collaborating with others – Employees can manage and edit project files, add comments and assign tasks in a seamless manner.


  • Connecting employees – File sharing enables employee collaboration at any time and from any place -- whether they work in the same physical location or remotely.


Here is an example of how file sharing with SpaceManager from Network Solutions can be used by a small business (SMB) owner to interact with a customer throughout the process of remodeling a kitchen:  


Seeking New Clients

Customer:  I’m currently researching contractors to remodel my kitchen and a friend suggested your company.  Do you have samples of your work that I can review?  

SMB: Yes, I can send you an invitation to access sample photos of my work and a list of my referrals, recommendations and client testimonials.     

Signed Contract Received

Customer:  Your work looks great and your clients appear very pleased with the finished projects.  I’d like to hire you.


SMB:  Great, thank you!  Send me the signed contract and I’ll upload it to the shared folder so that we can both reference it in a single spot throughout the project.  


Change Order

Customer:  I decided against the tile floor and want to do hardwood instead.   Can we do that? 


SMB:  Of course.  I’ll send you a change order with pricing.  Sign that and send it back to me.  I’ll upload it to our shared folder.  


Progress Reports

Customer:  I will be on business travel the next five days. How can I stay updated on the kitchen remodeling?

SMB:  Not a problem.  I will take pictures of the daily work and I’ll add them to our shared folder. 


File sharing is now included with every nsHosting™ Shared and nsWebsite™ package from Network Solutions® at no additional cost. nsWebsite customers will receive up to 25GB of file sharing space while nsHosting packages will include 2GB.