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Learn About Domain Names

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What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is your unique address on the Internet. If a domain name is not currently registered, you can register the domain name with an approved domain name registrar like Network Solutions®, which will give you rights to that particular domain until such time as the domain name registration expires, is cancelled, or is transferred to another domain name registrant. Businesses typically register domain names with their company name or their product names, while individuals often register domain names with their family names or names that have a personal interest to them. Domain names have two parts: the label and the extension, separated by a 'dot.' For example, in the domain name, 'Network Solutions' is the label and 'com' is the extension (also called the "top-level domain" or "TLD").

How Can a Domain Name Help My Online Business?

Domain name registration is the first step in getting your business online. Once your domain name puts your business "on the map," you can build a website to start attracting the customers you need. For many businesses, domain name registration involves registering multiple domain names (e.g., various product names, misspellings, or different extensions) to protect their brand, and then forwarding all their domain names to one website. This is known as "Web forwarding."

The majority of domain name registration customers are individuals or organizations who will build a website to associate with their address. However, you can get an email address matched to your domain name, with or without a website. This approach to domain name registration is helpful for businesses trying to establish credibility as well as for individuals looking for a memorable email address (i.e.,

How Can Network Solutions Help Me with Domain Names?

Longevity, stability and reputation are important when choosing where to register domain names. Network Solutions became the first domain name registrar in 1993, and today remains a trusted company with millions of domain names under management.

Our domain name registration services even allow you to register a domain name so that you can ensure it is available for your future use. If someone enters this domain name on a Web browser, a placeholder page will appear with the message that the site is "under construction." Not all registrars provide under construction pages as part of their domain name registration services.