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Update Your Website to Help Increase Sales

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The familiarity that makes online customers comfortable with your online business can sometimes work against you. Websites can become stale if there isn't an interesting reason to visit again and again.

You should plan to frequently update, upgrade and re-design your business website in order to keep it fresh for your customers — just be sure you primary focus is on the goals of your business, not just Web design. Fortunately, there are plenty of website designs, web page templates and other tools available to help you accomplish this task.

  • Take a look at website templates: Whether you build your own website or use a professional designer to create a custom website, you should look at the variety of available website templates to get a sense of current Website design elements. Is your online business website taking full advantage of:
    • Surveys, polls, response-forms and other interactive web page design elements
    • Navigational tools including color-change for links (these show the customers where they have visited your online store)
    • Online traffic and online shopper tracking tools and counters
    • Business blogs and other tools you can use to give your business Website your own "voice"
  • Take a hard look at your existing website: Review your customer data and online sales results into the examination:
    • Which elements of your existing online store or business website have been most effective? Which have been least effective?
      • Don't know? Then you’re not effectively tracking and monitoring the results your various webpage design elements have on your online business efforts. Add tracking
      • If you do know, then be sure to keep those elements of your online business and web marketing materials that have proved most effective for online sales. Don’t "throw the baby out with the bathwater." Migrate successful elements to the new business website design – and eliminate unsuccessful webpage design elements
  • Decide on re-design or renovation: Whether using website software or creating a custom website with a professional web designer, you should review every element of your existing business Website, deciding whether you need to renovate individual elements of the website or undertake a complete re-design. If you decide to re-design your business website entirely you should:
    • Consider re-naming your web address (url) to more closely match the name of your business
    • Consider a new logo for your online business
    • Re-write all website text to take advantage of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to help increase your presence in the leading search engines
  • Plan your promotion while you plan your re-design: In addition to reviewing the individual web pages within your business Website, use the re-design as an opportunity to breathe new life into your web marketing campaign as well.
    • Add new urls and SEO terms to your email campaigns, newsletters and other web marketing materials
    • Schedule a date for re-launching your re-designed or renovated business website and map out a web marketing and email campaign to promote the re-launch.

Breathing new life into an existing business website or online store design is easy, economical — and terrifically effective. Doing so will help breathe new, and renewed life into your online sales and Web marketing success!