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Interviewing a Designer to Create a Website for Your Business

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As we've pointed out in other articles, plenty of website design tools are available to help you make your own website – many small business owners have, in fact, found that creating a website gave them additional insight into the components of an effective business website.

And many of those who have created a website for themselves, moved on to hiring a website designer as their business web site and their business needs to be expanded.

If you decide to hire a Web designer, here are five key issues to raise when interviewing a prospective web designers:

  • Charges and Costs:
    • How much will the Web design services charge for preliminary/basic web page and web site design?
    • Are the web designer's services provided on a flat fee/retainer or per hour/item basis?


  • How are edits/changes billed?
  • What additional/unanticipated costs and contingency charges should you prepare for?
  • Time and Schedule:
    • How long will it take the web designer to prepare initial designs for your custom website?
    • How long to prepare the finished versions of a web page?
    • How long for the complete business website and future Web design services?
  • Is the web designer prepared to set a firm schedule for regular updates of your own website?
  • Can the web designer promptly accommodate "emergency" or quick-turnaround adjustments and changes to your business website?
  • References and Experience:
    • Have the website designers produced custom website development packages for companies similar to yours?
    • Can the web designer provide you with references that you can contact to discuss their custom website development experience with the web designer you're interviewing?
  • Growth and Expansion:
    • Does the web designer possess experience - and references - with E-commerce and retail transaction business websites, should you decide that your own website needs to add these features?
    • What other advanced business website features does the web designer have experience with - and can show samples of?
  • Website Marketing and Site Promotion:
    • In addition to knowing how to build a website, does the website designer have experience with more sophisticated aspects of web marketing and web site promotion?
  • What are the web designers' charges for website promotional services such as:
    • Designing and linking web marketing campaigns to specific pages on your business website?
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services that will increase your web marketing presence on the leasing search engines?
    • Search engine submission that insures that search engine companies know about your website?
  • What sort of time/turnaround does the web designer guarantee for Search Engine Optimization services to take effect?
  • What other web marketing and website promotion services does the website designer offer?

Knowing what to ask when first interviewing a web designer can often help prevent costly website design and maintenance issues down the road.