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Maximize your PPC Campaigns for the Holidays

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There are several things you can do to properly maximize your PPC campaigns for the holiday season. Don’t assume that what has worked well for you during the rest of the year, will work the same during the holidays. By making a few tweaks now, you can capitalize on that huge increase in holiday traffic.

  • For each ad group, study last year’s keyword performance, click-through rates, conversion rates and cost per click. This will give you a baseline on which to measure this year’s campaigns.

  • For each of your highest performing keywords, consider adding an add group with the words “holiday”, “Christmas”, “seasonal”, “Hanukkah”, or the like, to capitalize shoppers looking for holiday-oriented products. Since these phrases are likely long-tail keywords, optimizing a landing page for these phrases may help you rank naturally for them, too. Say the keyword you normally bid on is “shirts”. Your holiday campaign, then, would be filled with keywords like: “holiday shirts”, “Christmas shirts”, etc. Make sure you exclude those holiday keywords from your other ad groups, however, so that your holiday campaign will take all of your holiday ad juice. Remember to tailor a landing page just for the holidays for these customers.

  • Check your competitor’s ads. Have they lowered shipping costs or offered a free gift with purchase? If so, you may want to think about competing with these promotions.

  • Update your ads to reflect your most current promotions. While planning your promotions for the holidays, don’t forget to reflect them in your PPC ad text. Also, don’t be afraid to use holiday terms in your ads to convey the holiday spirit.

  • Are you overbidding on keywords? Now is the time to test. Believe it or not, Labor Day is the first unofficial start of the holiday season (the second unofficial start is Halloween). Start testing keyword prices to get optimal click-through and cost per click. How? Start by lowering your bid price per keyword by $.10. Let that ad run for a day, or week, and measure whether or not you get an acceptable amount of conversions/click-through. Keep doing this until you have bid as low as possible while getting optimal conversions.