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Using Online Press Releases for Website Promotion

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While it may seem that online press releases accomplish the same goals as their print counterparts, the truth is that they do so much more than simply "get the word out." The Internet has breathed new life into the traditional press release, transforming it from a common communications vehicle into an effective website promotion strategy.

Optimized press releases are online press releases that are written to appeal to readers and search engines alike. They contain targeted keywords that will attract search engines to your site and ultimately bring you the quality traffic – and conversions -- you desire. When you choose professional, optimized press release services, you can expect to:

Gain Immediate Visibility

Optimized press release services often include same-day distribution to PR newswires. Once your optimized press release is published on a newswire service, it is instantly available to journalists and other news sources. These newswires also typically place online press releases on their home page for added visibility.

Reach a Targeted Audience

The targeted search terms used throughout optimized press releases often bring impressive rankings on news search engine websites such as Google® News or Yahoo!® News, where savvy searchers are likely to be searching for the "latest" on your industry. Optimized press release services should also publish online press releases on several targeted industry sites, where they are likely to reach their desired audience.

Generate Traffic

Remember that online press releases are intended for website promotion. The goal of an online press release isn't just to get readers – it's to bring those readers to your website. When optimized press releases are published on your website, any external links will bring your readers right where you want them.

Build Inbound Links

Inbound links are a crucial component of website promotion. Search engines, especially Google, place high value on quality inbound links – like those that come from the online news sources. Not only can online press releases help improve your rankings quickly, they can also offer long-term linking benefits when they are archived.

Increase Brand Awareness

Online press releases increase the amount of online content that supports your business -- and the more information a searcher can find about you, the more legitimate you appear.

Also remember that location impacts the success of online press releases. For example, when your online press releases appear on the popular news search engines, searchers are likely to see that placement as a stamp of approval from a trusted source.

Measure Success

Online press releases make it possible to gain valuable insight into their performance. Optimized press release services often include detailed reporting that identifies several important factors, including: how many sites pick up online press releases, how online press releases rank and how many people view online press releases.

With so many great benefits, online press releases have become a popular website promotion strategy. When you're ready to announce your website to the world or build excitement around your products and services, optimized press release services can help you achieve your website promotion goals.