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Learn About Online Press Release Services

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What is an Online Press Release?

An online press release is an optimized press release that's written in a way that major search engines will review it for inclusion in search and news results. A traditional press release is written for the human reader -- your customer -- but an optimized press release is also created for the search engine spiders that will "crawl" its content and determine its relevancy. By making your news more easily found on the Internet -- thus boosting your Web site's visibility online and attracting customers and prospects to your web site -- online press releases have become a highly valuable search marketing tool.

How Can Online Press Release Services Help My Online Business?

Professional optimized press release services can increase search engine rankings, generate traffic to your Web site and build brand awareness. There are three key components:

  • Keywords. When your optimized press release contains targeted keywords specific to your business, it may appear in the "natural" search results for users searching for products or services related to those you're promoting. This way, it can be much more cost-effective than paid advertising.
  • Online distribution. Newswire services ensure online press releases get out the same day to all the key online news sources. This makes distribution fast and efficient. Detailed reports will show you how many sites picked up your optimized press release and how your news ranked.
  • Online posting. If you want to generate buzz about your online business, an optimized press release can instantly get your news into the top search results on news search engine websites such as Google® News or Yahoo!® News. Publishing your online press releases on your website and on targeted industry sites also helps your customers, prospects, journalists and search engines find your news more easily.

Whether you want to announce, boost or build your business, online press releases can be a simple, effective way to accomplish your goals.

How Can Network Solutions Help Me with Online Press Releases?

Network Solutions® offers comprehensive optimized press release services that can be customized to meet your business' unique needs. Our professional copywriters and search engine marketing experts will work with you to create online press releases that appeal to customers and search engines alike.