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Create a Link Building Strategy for Search Engine Optimization

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Developing a search engine optimization campaign requires giving careful consideration to what's going on "inside" your website – its content, keywords and even coding. Yet it's often easy to forget that your search engine optimization success relies heavily on what's going on outside your site as well, especially when it comes to inbound website links, which are links on other websites that point to yours. In fact, the quantity and quality of your inbound website links is factored heavily in your search engine rankings.

Without a link building strategy, your search engine optimization results are likely to be mediocre at best. The goal of any link building campaign is to boost your ranking on the search engine results pages by increasing the number of inbound website links. Link building requires persistence and a penchant for strategy. There isn't a single approach that works for everyone – instead, you'll need to put together a plan that includes a variety of link building opportunities. Some popular methods of gaining website links include:

Using directory submission

Submitting your website to directories can be a tedious process, which is why many businesses choose to use an automated submission service. Such submission only guarantees that the search engines "see" that you are on the Internet -- it will not automatically improve your search engine rankings. It will, however, give you valuable inbound website links from these directories.

Publishing online press releases

Whether you want to announce a new website to the world or create a buzz about your products and services, online press releases can help you accomplish your search engine optimization goals by creating new link building opportunities. By distributing online press releases to online newswire services and submitting them to news search engines like Google® News, you'll gain inbound website links from a variety of quality sources. Archived press releases also have long-term link building potential.

Creating a blog

There are many great reasons to create a blog – and link building is certainly one of them. For example, when you create a blog on a variety of hosting platforms, you can then establish inbound website links that lead to different pages within your website. Blogs also make it easy for you to change and add content often, which enhances the chances that other bloggers will link to your site thus boosting your search engine rankings.

Reaching out to relevant websites

Reciprocal link building is the "give and take" of search engine optimization. Contact other relevant websites by email or chat, and offer to exchange permanent website links. Take a close look at a website before making such an offer. Relevant content is just one factor to consider – be sure to evaluate each site based on its rankings and current website links as well. Also, remember to use this tactic sparingly – overuse can actually hurt your rankings.

Submitting an article

Try your hand at writing an article on a topic pertinent to your industry and submit it to online article directories, which often allow you to use their database free of charge. You will gain more than just website links from these directories – the real link building benefits begin when other visitors or subscribers start "picking up" your articles for use on their websites. Don't forget to include a couple of links to your website within the article.

Social networking

The search engines view website links from social media networks favorably. Ask a friend to submit your content to a site such as Digg – if it becomes popular, your content will go viral and your link building opportunities will multiply exponentially.

While the results of link building are not immediate, they are well worth the time and effort involved. Whether you try building website links on your own or work with a reliable search engine optimization company, one thing is clear -- if you're serious about improving your website's rankings, link building is a strategy that you cannot afford to overlook.