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February 2010

Over the last decade many entrepreneurs have turned their homes into remote offices. While often dismissed as quaint hobbyists or telecommuters, these home-based entrepreneurs ("homepreneurs") have proven they are a force to be reckoned with.

With technology today, many work virtually and teams are formed from a global pool of resources, making the home an affordable and sensible place to do business. As large companies try to reduce their fixed costs by outsourcing business functions, small home-based enterprises will play an even larger role in the economy.

Whether you've been in business for years, are just starting or are expanding - now is a great time to champion your business!


Research Shows the Economic Importance of Home-based Businesses

"Homepreneurs" are operating significant businesses that are as successful as non-home based businesses. Even more noteworthy, they account for more than half of all U.S. businesses and employ more people than venture-backed companies. By many measures they're just as competitive as their counterparts in commercial spaces.

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Why Your Business Needs a Website

People use the Web in greater numbers, more and more every day. No matter what your business or profession, a website can generate business, promote goodwill among customers and prospects, and deliver strong marketing messages - whether your business is small, large or in between, well established or brand new.

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Why Choose Professional Online Marketing Services?

Creating a professional website for your business is a great starting point for online success, but how will search engines, and the customers who use them, find your website? Developing a professional online marketing strategy can help...

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Monthly Poll & Your Results

Last month, we asked "Which small business trend do you predict will be most important for your business in 2010?"

Nearly 50% of the votes predicted the top three trends to be:

  • 21% | Growth of home-based businesses: Fueled by technology and enabled by low costs, 2010 will see the continued growth of home-based businesses.

  • 14% | Growth in personal businesses: The number of one employee businesses has grown twice as fast as the overall economy over the last decade.

  • 14% | Small business lending returns to pre-bubble levels: In 2010, only highly credit-worthy small businesses will be able to borrow - leading to increased availability and use of alternative credit.


Straight Talk

A Business Owner Researches Financial Options to Expand

Tinu Abayomi-Paul, co-owner of Leveraged Promotion, which provides solutions for companies who prefer to outsource their online promotional needs, says "Sometimes the most frustrating thing about being an entrepreneur is knowing exactly how much cash you need to have to expand." Like some entrepreneurs choose to do when starting out, Tinu started her company with cash.

Tinu wants to expand her business, ultimately quadrupling her business' revenue. The challenge is being able to secure enough cash to do so, especially with slow-paying clients or the lag time between money being earned and when it is spent.

Having preferred not to rely on credit or to never take a loan, she began researching how to secure a bank loan like a newbie entrepreneur. In her article, Tinu shares what she learned about borrowing money for her business, the various options, and a number of resources for what to do next when either approved or rejected.

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White Papers

How to Establish a Successful Web Presence for Your Business

A step-by-step guide to get your business online quickly and easily.

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How to Choose the Right Designer

A checklist for professional Web design: questions you should ask before choosing your Web designer.

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Today, more than ever, customers rely on the Internet to learn about your business before doing business with you. So it's important to ensure your website design makes a favorable impression.

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