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May 2010

Do you have the entrepreneurial mindset? You may wake up one day with an amazing idea for a new business. As the days go by, you may actually really think about pursuing it. Many people want to become entrepreneurs and some even feel that they are hardwired for it.

Be careful not to get caught up in the hype of entrepreneurship, such as “to make more money” or “to have more freedom”. These myths are based on a gross misunderstanding of what it means or what it takes to be an entrepreneur. In the end, it is about seeing a customer need, wanting to fill it and believing that you are the person to fill that need and build a company to serve that need. What are some good reasons to start your own business?

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A Pre-Launch Checklist for Your Small Business

Is the thought of a blank notebook page like a fresh start on life – a new opportunity to get it all down, and get it all done? If you are considering starting a business, save yourself a lot of stress down the road and ask a lot of questions up front. The more you learn, understand and prepare, the less stress it will be, leaving you more time and energy to focus on your core business.

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Getting Access to Capital for Your Small Business:
   GrowsmartBiz Podcast with John Backus

Entrepreneurs looking to get started with their big idea are encouraged to follow their dreams. "Even though it’s more difficult to raise capital right now, innovation doesn't stop because the economy slows down.”

For entrepreneurs wanting to distinguish themselves, they should “go out there, get in the market, and get some traction. Once you do, you’re going to be attractive to investors.”

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Taking Your .COmpany from Small to Big with a .CO Domain

Building a business from the ground up takes hard work and the passion to see your vision turn into reality. Many of us aspire to be entrepreneurs one day and many of you reading this may just be starting out or are veterans at this already. What you all can agree on is that in order to take a company from small to big, a critical element is building a strong brand.

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How to Establish a Successful Web Presence for Your Business

Getting your business online is about reaching out and connecting with millions of potential customers, buyers, and partners.

Take these simple steps to get your business or idea online professionally, quickly, and affordably.

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