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September 2010

Each Fall, most business owners begin to review their current performance and plan for the coming year. What has brought you success? What needs improvement? What should you do next? Although, nobody knows your business better than you do, a critical business review and the development of a strategic, long-term plan can seem overwhelming. Factor in a challenging economy, and these tasks become even more complex.

If you are looking for ways to take your online business to the next level, or if you just want to get started, we are here to help. We have been helping businesses grow since 1979 and we understand what life is like for a small business owner. As leaders in Web-based services, our constant goal has been to help small businesses succeed online. As you plan for 2011, remember that assistance for your business is just a phone call away - our Customer Service Representatives are available 24/7.



Business Blogging & Other Social Media Tips


Building and executing a social media strategy takes time that many small business owners simply don't have. While the investment is clearly worthwhile for larger businesses, the majority of small businesses see the benefits of social media as being a bit murky.

 That may soon change. In fact, roughly 25% of small businesses will have a social media presence in upcoming years.† As businesses look for new ways to remain competitive online, a social media strategy will become a more attractive option for businesses of all sizes. Read the full article >>



Is Black and Orange the New Red and Green?

You have probably started thinking about the nature of the promotions you will offer your customers during the holiday season. What has worked in past years? What have your competitors done? What are your new ideas for this year? Make a list. Once you have this list, it's time to start testing it.


Increasingly, Halloween has become a launch pad to the holiday season. Retailers are finding that customers are doing some anticipatory spending, and that comes in the form of Halloween related spending. If you don't have items with ghosts and pumpkins on them, don't fret. This time isn't about Halloween ‘stuff', rather it's about capitalizing on the consumer's mentality. Read full post >>



Understanding Ecommerce Sales Tax for Your Business


Over the last few months, one of our own Network Solutions bloggers has been setting up the ecommerce store for the film project, Browncoats: Redemption, which just premiered this month.

As they got ready for launch they dealt with the standard items in an online store - products, categories, shipping, etc. But there was one thing that was a bit unclear, and that was about sales tax. Think about it. If you have gone to many e-commerce sites, you don't get charged sales tax. That is like living in a virtual state of Delaware (they don't have sales tax). Read the full article >>



U.S. Small Businesses Reach Innovation Glass Ceiling

Sixty-two percent of small business owners report they struggle to come up with new ideas to increase revenue. However, the thirty-seven percent of business owners who are successful in innovative marketing leverage Internet technologies to build brand awareness, generate business leads, engage with customers and develop new ideas. Read full release >> 


Success Story: Let Them Eat Cakes

Small businesses owners turn their dream of building a thriving business into a reality every day. You can do it too. Learn how Let Them Eat Cakes used their website to experience the sweet taste of success.

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