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What is an Online Press Release?

Press releases used to be written exclusively for the media – news organizations, press and major trade publications – who would determine distribution based on what would appeal to their readers and viewers.

Today, Online Press Release, a form of Internet promotion that complements your search engine optimization and search engine marketing efforts, gives businesses greater control over how their stories and information are distributed.

Online Press Release is a great way to generate buzz for your products and services and drive more traffic to your Website. Use Online Press Release to build online visibility, increase rankings in search engines and appear on highly trafficked news sites.

Online Press Release
Get found fast and first
Highlight news and announcements
Online distribution to major search and news sites
Track and analyze your story's progress
Starting from $450.00

Why Do You Need Online Press Releases?

Let our press release writers go to work for you, writing intriguing and professional press releases that will show why your business is newsworthy.

Our press release writing service gives you professionally created content that meets all the standards of the news industry and distributes your announcement through PRWeb®.

Watch as your press release is viewed over and over and gets picked up by news sources. Word spreads fast, so take advantage of our Online Press Release services today.

Start building the buzz about your business!

Did You Know?

Roughly a third (34%) of the public say they went online for news yesterday — on par with radio, and slightly higher than daily newspapers. And when cell phones, email, social networks and podcasts are added in, 44% of Americans say they got news through one or more internet or mobile digital source... At the same time, the proportion of Americans who get news from traditional media platforms — television, radio and print — has been stable or edging downward in the last few years.

(Source: The Pew Research Center for the People & the Press)

Get Found First in More Places — Fast!
Online distribution to major search and news sites, such as Google News®, MSN® and Yahoo!® News.
Professional Research and Copywriting
Dedicated copywriters will write and optimize your news release so that it attracts the attention of customers, prospects, the media and search engines.
Increase Your Online Visibility
PR Web™ Newswire Service, a leader in online press release distribution, puts your story in the hands of journalists and bloggers who influence your reputation and bottom line.

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