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Finding Nirvana – Book Review of "The Zen of Social Media Marketing" by Shama Hyder

May 14th, 2010 ::

So are you a “Zen Master of Marketing”? Most likely, no. However, I am confident that after you sit down and read “The Zen of Social Media Marketing” by Shama Hyder Kabani you will feel like you have got a handle on this “social media thing”.

Learning how to get social media to “ACT” the way you want it to

She starts the book with the required basics to lay a foundation for even the newest of social media practitioners. What she then does is lay a foundation for how you approach social media in a 1-2-3 phase methodology called “ACT”. “ACT” stands for “Attract, Convert, Transform” and that forms the core of how you should look at each tool in your social media marketing toolbox. If it can’t help you do that and you don’t have a plan to make it happen then you need to revisit why you are using that tool and get a plan of action together.

Who is this book really for?

From Shama’s introduction she says “if you are responsible for marketing in any shape or form, this guide is written for you. Perhaps you are a small business owner responsible for attracting your own customers or clientele, or perhaps you’re an employee at a huge firm who is responsible for your company’s social media efforts. Maybe you want to get the word out about your nonprofit. It doesn’t matter; the principles are all the same.

While I would agree with that, I would add that if you are new to social media or have just dabbled in it then this book is perfect for you. If you have been doing this for six months or more you have probably learned many of these things through trial and error. However, in each social media area she covers, there are some in-depth looks that everyone should read. I really like how she dives into the user experience and layout of these applications explaining what each thing is for and why it might be relevant or not for you and your business.

My favorite part of her “who this is for” is how she lays it out for those who the book is not for at all. She says “This guide is not for those who want to become overnight millionaires, internet marketers looking to turn a quick buck, or those looking to grow their Facebook friend count so they can spam those friends.” Love that.

There is Much to Learn and This Book Delivers

As you move through the book you will notice many real life examples and case studies from real small businesses who have seen what works and what doesn’t. That approach makes a book real. Not a lecturing diatribe like some other social media books out there nor a 50,000 fly over of major sections with the usual toolbox suspects (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Digg). What I really like the most and what I think you will get out of this is that using social media is one part toolkit and two parts conversation/community. It is very clear that not everything will work for you and that you must find your own social media voice to create a solution that is successful for your small business. You will fail but I have saying “if you haven’t failed then really haven’t tried hard enough”.

For More Info and To Buy the Book

As someone that practices what she preaches she has a great online and social media presence for the book. You can find the web site for the book at http://zenofsocialmedia.com/

She also has provided bonus resources for those who know the secret passphrase, but you will have to buy the book to find that out. You can find the book online at all major outlets below:

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