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3 Mistakes to Avoid When Using Your Email List

September 28th, 2011 ::


So you gather emails through networking, attending conferences, your newsletter sign-up and contact forms your Web visitors must fill out before they download that ebook.  Now you have a comprehensive list, but it’s just sitting there.

Using that email list to stay in touch with your clients, reach prospective clients, convert sales, and spread thought leadership – in other words, using your email list to grow your business – should be easy, right?  After all, you already have the upper hand – all of those people willingly gave you their email address!

Just avoid the following three mistakes to keep that email list intact – and growing:

1. Don’t push your products or services.

If you turn your emails and newsletters into advertisements for your company’s products and services, you’ll lose subscribers at a fast clip.  Yes, you can mention a product or service in the sidebar as a highlighted item, or maybe illustrate how you helped a client with a mini case study.  You can also offer a special promotion; just be sure that the focus is not always on you.

2. Don’t discuss irrelevant topics.

While every waking minute of yours may be consumed with building your brand and company, your email list is not interested in the tiny matters that keep you up all night. Keep them interested by offering them industry news and trends that could affect them, tips and tricks, and other helpful advice that is relevant, interesting, and useful.

3. Don’t be boring.

Provide something interactive or engaging in your emails and newsletters, whether it’s a link to a video, a new webinar, a podcast, a game, or something else that is fun.  In this technology age, when we are constantly bombarded by a zillion things trying to grab our attention, make the extra effort to bring something fun to your subscribers’ inbox.

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  • http://www.emaillist.net EmailListMarketeer

    Great article and great tips – I want to talk about the importance of number 3. If you can get a laugh out of your recipient by being humorous, or provide them with relevant, substantial information, or give them something to share with their friends, then you just might be able to make the kind of impression that has them feeling like you’re product/service is as valuable as your presence in their life. Think about gaining a loyal friend, not about 1 single sale.

  • http://www.leadlifter.com Max Oden

    Too the point. Especially loved the don’t be boring. :) Another point to make when email marketing is to be sure to have a catchy headline before the page fold so the email recipient sees any special offers or news which may assist them to read on.